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Here are some of our most popular categories of MySpace layouts:

Girly MySpace Layouts

Girly MySpace Layouts   Cute MySpace Layouts   Love MySpace Layouts
More Girly MySpace Layouts >>

Grunge MySpace Layouts

Grunge MySpace Layouts   Grunge MySpace Layouts   Grunge MySpace Layouts
More Grunge MySpace Layouts >>

Fashion MySpace Layouts

Hollister MySpace Layouts   Abercrombie MySpace Layouts   Roxy MySpace Layouts
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Beach MySpace Layouts

Surf MySpace Layouts   Beach MySpace Layouts   Beach MySpace Layouts
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Winter and Christmas MySpace Layouts

Winter MySpace Layouts   Christmas MySpace Layouts   Holiday MySpace Layouts
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MySpace Layouts

...are just a few clicks away! Take a good look around and find the free MySpace layouts and free MySpace backgrounds you're looking for. We also have some great MySpace codes to tweak your profile. That's not all, we've got a selection of MySpace graphics to customize your layout and add the cute ness and cool ness that's all you.

Clueless? Well, get yourself a clue with our Tutorials and you'll have this whole MySpace thing figured out in no time. Looking to add your favorite songs to your profile? We have a great music player player that you can use to add mp3's to your profile along with a custom play list. You can find all this in our MySpace Music section.

We've got you covered with all you need for MySpace pimping. Click around 'til you can't click no more and grab what you need to make your blog profile 100% unique.

All the stuff you find here is absolutely free. This means free layouts, free codes, free backgrounds, and much more. Use our editor to help you fix your profile or browse our tutorials to figure out what the heck you're doing. Use one of our premade layouts and ease the brain damage of creating a layout on your own. Or, take one of our My Space layouts and tweak it from there.

Join our pimp club and get free MySpace help and support. Just submit your e-mail address on the left and you're in. Join our whore me whore train to make new friends pronto.

By popular demand, we're also working on layouts and content for other social networking sites, so be on the lookout for Friendster layouts and Xanga layouts. We're still working on the nuances of how friendster, xanga and other social networking sites work with html, css, and div layouts...


MySpace Layout Support News

MySpace Profile 2.0 Layouts!

MySpace announced today the launch of Profile 2.0/MySpace 2.0, which changes the entire look & feel of your profile (should you choose to 'upgrade'). It also breaks 99% of any customization you've done to your profile, so 'upgrade' to 2.0 with caution! Thus far, most people seem to hate it and have opted not to switch to 2.0, that or they go back to their old profile for now. We've taken a look at "MySpace profile 2.0" and we do like where things are headed, but it's going to take some time for users to adapt and for us to catch up to the new format. Once we get things sorted out, we'll be creating MySpace profile 2.0 versions of our layout designs, so stay tuned. Tell us what you think.


New Layouts!

We have new MySpace layouts! Go to our New Layouts section to check them out.


New Cycling Layouts!

It's almost mountain bike season again here in Colorado and we loves us some cycling! Here are some mountain bike layouts and cycling layouts for our fellow riders:

Mountain Bike MySpace layouts
Cycling MySpace layouts


Get yourself a Valentine's Day MySpace Layout!

Today's Valentines Day, so show some love with a Valentine MySpace Layout! These layouts are full of love and Valentine hearts. There are also a few that are a bit darker if that's your thing. You can check them out here.


New Flash Widgets!

We've put together a great collection of flash widgets that you can use on myspace, facebook, hi5, friendster, bebo, blogger, wordpress, web sites — pretty much anywhere! Be sure to check them out!


New Layouts!

We've finished some great new layouts! Check 'em out:

Guitar MySpace layouts
Famous Stars and Straps MySpace layouts
Snowboarding MySpace layouts
Flowers MySpace layouts
Mountain Bike MySpace layouts
Cycling MySpace layouts


New Snow MySpace Layouts!

We've created some great new falling snow myspace layouts that people are already raving over. Be sure to check them out!


New Yahoo Mash Layouts Section!

We've created a new Yahoo Mash Layouts section with some of our most popular layouts, now in Mash format! Yahoo Mash is the latest in social networking and we're hoping it will be big. Contact us if you want a Yahoo Mash invite.


New Halloween MySpace Layouts!

We have new Halloween MySpace Layouts! Be sure to take a look, grab some Halloween code, and be all set for Hallow's eve. Trick or treat!


New Roxy MySpace Layouts

We're working on a series of Roxy MySpace layouts based on the brand famous for their fashionable surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding clothing and gear. Check it out and watch for more Roxy layouts.


Yahoo Mash CSS Guide

We just posted a Yahoo Mash CSS Guide for those of you who have gotten an invite to Mash, Yahoo's new social network. Once we get the code nailed down we'll start making Yahoo Mash layouts. In the meantime, enjoy customizing Yahoo Mash.


American Idols Spotted Using Our Layouts!

By complete accident, we've stumbled accross two of our favorite American Idol finalists using our layouts. We're so proud! See our myspace layouts in action:

Melinda Doolittle
Chris Sligh

You guys rock. Hope you're enjoying the American Idol tour!


New Scarface MySpace Layouts!

We've finished a few more unique myspace layouts, including a new movie Scarface MySpace layout. Be sure to check out our featured layouts section for our latest creations.


New Sports MySpace Layouts!

We're working on a collection of basketball myspace layouts. First up is are Atlanta Hawks MySpace layouts, Boston Celtics MySpace layouts, Cleveland Cavaliers Myspace layouts. More to come in short order, so keep watching.


New MySpace Layout Editor!

We recently finished our new MySpace Profile Editor, which you can use to customize and tweak layouts we've premade or create your own from scratch. It's a piece of cake to use and you don't need to know a thing about HTML or CSS. Look for layouts that have a "Customize This Layout" button. Give it a try!


New Musician MySpace Layouts!

We're currently working on a collection of musician / band layouts. So far we've got a new Fall Out Boy MySpace layout, My Chemical Romance MySpace layout, Green Day MySpace layout, Muse MySpace Layout and a Three Days Grace MySpace layout. Keep watching.


New Valentine's Day MySpace Layouts!

Just in time for Valentines Day, we've just created a batch of new Valentine MySpace Layouts! These layouts include Valentine backgrounds, heart backgrounds, and cupid backgrounds, Valentine contact tables, and Valentine network banners. You can check them out here. We're also working on more Valentine layouts, so keep watching before February 14.


New Layout Sections!

Hope you're having a great 2007 so far! We've created a few new layout sections / categories and will be adding some new myspace layouts as we have time. You can find the new categories here:
Black and White MySpace Layouts
Girly MySpace Layouts
Christian MySpace Layouts
Winter MySpace Layouts
Sexy MySpace Layouts

Keep checking back as we're always whipping up new layouts...


More Free MySpace Christmas Layouts!

We're working on a new batch of MySpace Christmas Layouts! These Christmas and holiday backgrounds, contact tables, and holiday network banners will be the best you can find anywhere, and we're not exaggerating. The expanded collection will include Christmas trees, ornaments, christmas lights, Frosty the Snowman, snowflakes, wrapping paper, candy canes, holiday fun, season's greetings, and winter scenes. We're even going to create some Hanukkah layouts. You can check out all of our Christmas and holiday layouts HERE.


Free Christmas MySpace Layouts!

We've just finished adding some new Christmas MySpace Layouts! These wintery holiday layouts include Christmas backgrounds, contact tables, and holiday network banners. The collection includes Christmas trees, ornaments, Frosty the Snowman, snow / snowflakes, wrapping paper, candy canes, and more. You can check them out here.


New Christian MySpace Layouts!

By popular demand, we've just created a batch of new Christian MySpace Layouts! These layouts include Christian backgrounds, and cross backgrounds, Christian contact tables, and Christian network banners. You can check them out here.


New Halloween MySpace Layouts!

We've just added some new Halloween MySpace Layouts! These layouts include Halloween backgrounds, spooky Halloween contact tables, and creepy Halloween network banners. You can check them out and grab the code here. We're still working on a few more, so keep an "eyeball" out for them. Muhahaha... Ok, stupid joke, sorry. ;)


New Abercrombie MySpace Layouts!

We've just added a new Abercrombie and Fitch myspace layout! This layout includes an Abercrombie background, Abercrombie contact table, and an Abercrombie network banner. You can check it out and grab the code here.


New MySpace Movie Layouts!

We just finished adding a section for movie myspace layouts. We created a bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean layouts including skull and crossbones, Johnny Depp layout, Keira Knightley layout , and Orlando Bloom layout. There are more movie layouts in the works, like superman, scarface, the godfather, disney layouts, and more.


New MySpace Contact Tables Section!

In response to numerous requests, we've created a new section for MySpace contact tables. Use this section to mix and match contact table / contact box graphics for your myspace profile. Choose from some of the best contact tables and contact boxes around.


New Contact Tables Section Coming Soon!

By popular demand, we're working on a new section of the site exclusively for Contact Tables and Contact Boxes. Once we roll out our contact tables section, you will be able to pick and choose separate contact tables, backgrounds, and such to build your own totally custom myspace layout! It's going to be sweet...


New Background Codes!

Some of you were having trouble with our background codes where most of the background was covered by the ghastly white default MySpace profile box. We were originally trying to keep our code as simple as possible with the idea that our myspace backgrounds would be simply a starting point for pimp customization, but thanks to your feedback we decided to make our background codes a bit more robust so they're prettier for you to work with from the get-go. Check out our new and improved background codes here: MySpace backgrounds. As always, check out our MySpace Layouts section for full layouts pimped out complete with cool backgrounds, Contact Tables, font colors, table backgrounds, and more. You can find our complete selection of free layouts here: MySpace layouts.


New MySpace Layouts and MySpace Backgrounds in the Works!

After a bit of time off for the summer, we're back at it. We're working on some great new My Space layouts and backgrounds, as well as revising some of our existing background codes to make them easier to use. Be sure to add this site to your favorites and stop by often.


New Hollister MySpace Hollister Background & Layout Added!

We've just created a long-awaited Hollister background for MySpace. A full layout is also now available. The new background can be found here: Hollister My Space Backgrounds. The new layout can be found here: Hollister MySpace Layouts.


New MySpace Beach Backgrounds Added!

We have added 32 new beach backgrounds to the system. They can be found here: MySpace Beach Backgrounds.


New MySpace Backgrounds Added!

We have added 36 new tiled backgrounds to the system. They can be found here: Tiled MySpace Backgrounds.


New Layouts Added!

We have added 11 new exclusive My Space Layouts. Check them out here: Exclusive Layouts


New MySpace Backgrounds Being Added!

We are in the process of adding 76 full desktop backgrounds and 198 tile backgrounds to the system. These will be available soon.


New Cute Layouts Added!

We just finished adding some new cute myspace layouts. Take a look in our cute My Space Layouts section




MySpace Profile Editor - New!

MySpace Profile Editor

MySpace Layouts

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What is all this stuff anyway?

Get the scoop what's what on our myspace help / blog page.



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