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MySpaceLayoutSupport.com was founded by Jimmy Bentley and launched in March of 2006 with the help of a team of talented layout designers. The site was created to fill a void of unique, high-quality layouts and designs for myspace profiles... because let's face it, 99% of premade myspace layouts just suck.

Jimmy Bentley

Meet Jimmy...

Wondering who the heck that half of a face belongs to? You're not the only one ;)

Jimmy Bentley is a serial entrepreneur, business owner and tech geek that also loves good graphic design. Jimmy started his career as a graphic artist working for a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs, CO. After honing his skills as a print designer, Jimmy struck out on his own and moved on to web design and business development. He has launched a number of businesses ranging from real estate investments, private lending, business brokering, food manufacturing, internet and off-line marketing, search engine optimization, and others.

Jimmy had the idea for MySpaceLayoutSupport.com after spending countless hours of searching for premade myspace layouts, only to find nothing with the right look, feel and quality he was looking for. He knew he could do better, and he knew other designers that could too. The layouts you see here on this site are the result. We hope you like 'em!

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