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What is all this MySpace stuff anyway?

...and where do I start? You may be thinking "I don't even know what I need to pimp myspace profiles. Do I need MySpace layouts? MySpace backgrounds? MySpace codes? A MySpace editor? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Well, help is on the way.

Here's some basic information on what's what in the MySpace layout world. Perhaps definitions would be helpful.

A MySpace layout is a pre-designed, pre-customized layout for your myspace profile. A MySpace layout code usually contains a background image, contact table (see definition below), extended network banner, custom colors, fonts, table backgrounds, and more. Premade MySpace layouts are your absolute best bet if you don't know HTML or CSS, don't have a creative bone in your body, or just don't have the time to sit around tweaking code for your myspace profile. (And trust me, you can easily blow countless hours working on the stuff—we certainly do.)

To install a premade myspace layout, all you have to do is copy the premade code and paste it into your myspace profile. Viola! You have cool myspace layouts for your profile that will wow and amaze all your friends. If you're a bit more savvy than the average Joe, you can start with a premade layout and tweak the code from there to cusomize your profile further.

A MySpace background is a premade background (or 'myspace wallpaper') for your profile. You can kind of think of it like your desktop wallpaper on your computer, only for myspace. This background picture is what sits behind your myspace profile for all your friends to see. It's a reflection of yourself; your personality, interests, music, etc. If you're a bit more savvy with graphics and HTML/CSS code, you can start with premade MySpace backgrounds and build up your custom code from there. Note: by default, if you use just a background by itself on your profile without any further code tweaks, most of your myspace background will be hidden by the giant white box that holds all your profile information. You'll have to do a bit of profile pimping to ditch the stark ugliness that is the default myspace layout. (Not exactly design geniuses, those MySpace people.) If you already have a full premade layout that you like, but just want a new background, new myspace background codes are all you need.

Your MySpace Contact Table is the section of your profile where visitors can choose from a variety of options to contact you. By default, your contact table looks something like this:

Good grief, how ugly is that? You may have seen contact tables for myspace that look entirely different. This is because people are using special contact table code that replaces the default content of the myspace contact box with a custom contact image. Getting a new contact table/contact box is easy and is just a matter of selecting the one you want from our site and pasting the contact table code into your profile.

"MySpace code? Are you kidding me?! Do I need to be a computer programmer for this stuff?" Indeed not, my friend. Thankfully, we've taken all the work and brain damage out of pimping myspace profiles. If you were to start from scratch, then yes, you would need to know at least some basics about HTML code and CSS code to edit the look of your profile

In a nutshell, MySpace code is what defines the look and feel of your myspace profile. (Note: some people say 'MySpace Codes' with an 's'.) MySpace, like many other sites (including the one you're on) uses CSS code (Cascading Style Sheets) to control the way web pages look. CSS tweaks change the way fonts, images, backgrounds, etc. are displayed. Using premade myspace codes is an easy way to change the look of your profile. (Premade MySpace layouts rely on MySpace CSS tweaks to make your profile look better.) If you leave your code as-is, you're stuck with the default profile layout which screams "NOOOOB! I'm new to myspace! Hey, meet my one friend, Tom!" You don't want that. That's a bad situation right there.

Anyway, MySpace code can be anything from layout code to codes that create new profile sections, codes that hide your online status, codes that add comment box forms, etc. In summary, MySpace codes are used for tweaking the look and function of your profile.

A MySpace Editor is a 3rd party tool that you can use to edit your myspace profile. MySpace editors provide an easy way to modify your background, colors, fonts, contact table, network banner and more without having to know HTML or CSS. We've developed a simple MySpace Profile Editor for you to use. People love it! Give it a try and see if a myspace editor is right for you or if you're the type to get your hands dirty and learn HTML.

MySpace graphics are the pictures / images you can add to your profile or use in comments on your friends' profiles. MySpace graphics can be added to just about any section of your profile and you can use as many graphics as you want. Keep in mind that the more stuff you add, the longer your profile will take to load when your friends try to pull it up in their web browser. Remember what yo Mamma always said: "Everything in moderation..." MySpace graphics are easy to add, you just copy the graphic code and paste it into your profile where you want it to go. A little knowledge of HTML is helpful, as you'll need to use the right image tags for your graphics and pictures to display properly.

If you've looked at a few myspace profiles, I'm sure you've noticed music playing on some (assuming you've got speakers, anyway). MySpace music is a way to add a music player to your profile. This is easily done with the built-in MySpace music player. All you do is find a band in MySpace Music and click "Add" next to the song you want. If you want your own custom playlist, you'll need some myspace music code and/or a flash mp3 player to play your songs. Find out more about this in our MySpace Music section.





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