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Here you'll find some cool MySpace backgrounds that we've designed, as well as some My Space backgrounds created by other designers. Use a background from our site and you don't need to host the image elsewhere. No image hosting required. Our image hosting is free and built-in. Just be sure to leave our background code and links intact. Each of our backgrounds are exclusive and unique. You won't find our designs anywhere else (...or at least you shouldn't). We're one of the few MySpace background sites that creates their own layouts.

Adding a custom background to your MySpace profile page is a great way to personalize your page or blog. Be sure to check out our Tutorials section for some wise instruction and guidance on fixing up and pimping your profile or social networking site.

Click on one of the following categories of MySpace Backgrounds:

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Tiled MySpace Backgrounds

Stone & Brick Backgrounds



We're always working on creating new MySpace Backgrounds for you! Be sure to add our site to your favorites and check back often to see what we've come up with for free backgrounds.


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