MySpace Comment Code: Create a Comment Box/Form

Use the following MySpace comment box code to create a myspace comment box/comment form directly in your profile so that visitors can add comments in one easy step, without scrolling to find the "Add Comment" link. You can even include a default comment in your myspace comment box code. Adding a MySpace Comment Box is easier than you might think. Simply grab the myspace comment code and follow the instructions below. You'll have a myspace comment box pronto.

Here's what the comment form looks like:

Here's the MySpace comment box code to make said form:


Click on the MySpace comment box code above to select it, copy the text, and paste it in whatever section you like. Be sure to edit the text shown in ALL UPPERCASE to customize the form. Also, if you know anything about HTML and CSS, you can go nuts tweaking the look of the form.


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