MySpace Music Code: Add Music to Your Profile

Use the following MySpace music code to place a default myspace music mp3 player to your profile and share your favorite my space song with your friends. MySpace music is the heart of what MySpace is about and is one of the reasons MySpace was created: for MySpace Music! Now you can share your music taste with the world via some of our MySpace music codes to set up a MySpace song player. Our MySpace Music Code is simple and easy to add to your profile. Simply grab the my space music code below and follow the instructions. Presto! You'll have music playing in your MySpace profile.

This MySpace music code also gives you and your friends the ability to stop, replay, rewind, fast forward and change the volume of what myspace music is playing. Full control over your myspace music.

Note, audio controls may not display in browsers other than Internet Explorer, but music should still play. Here's what the audio controls will look like in your profile:

MySpace Music Code:


Click on the MySpace code above to select it, copy the text, and paste it in whatever section you want. Be sure to edit the src= path info to match where your music file is located. Note: feel free to change the autostart= and loop= values.


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