MySpace Picture Code: Add Pictures to your MySpace Profile

Use the following MySpace Picture Code to add a picture/image to your MySpace profile. This my space picture code is great if you have pictures/images/photos hosted with an image hosting service that you want to add to your My Space profile. This myspace picture code is simple to use and consists of basic HTML. Just grab the myspace picture code and follow the instructions below.

How to add a myspace picture/image or photo is usually one of the first things MySpace users ask about. It's really pretty simple. Upload your photo, picture, or graphic to one of the free image hosting services. (There are quite a few of these out there, just Google "image hosting" and find one you like.) Once you upload, you should be given a URL or code to use. Paste this myspace picture code wherever you want it to appear in your MySpace Profile. The myspace picture code syntax will look something like:

<img src="">

For example,

is created with the following myspace picture code:
<img src="" width="100" height="36">

Note: In this example, width= and height= are included. You can use these to alter the display size of any myspace image.

MySpace Picture Code:

Additional Instructions:

Click on the MySpace picture code above to select it, copy the text, and paste it in your "About Me" section, or wherever you like. Be sure to edit the img src= path info to match where your image file is located. Repeat the process for each myspace picture you'd like to add to your profile.


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