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In this section you will find tons of the best MySpace Contact Tables and MySpace Contact Boxes around. Everything you see here is 100% exclusive to and you won't find them anywhere else (or you shouldn't, anyway). What's the difference between a contact table and a contact box? Well, nothing, really. They're just different names for the same thing. A MySpace contact table is the contact box you see in your profile that looks something like this by default:

I knows me some ugly, and that's what I call ugly. Dang!

Anyway... Your myspace contact table gives your visitors eight different methods of having their way with you: Send Message, Add to Friends, Instant Message, Add to Group, Forward to Friend, Add to Favorites, Block User, and Rank User. These are all key functions of MySpace.

Keeping your default contact table / contact box could be a crime in a growing number of States (ok, not yet, but it should be...), particularly given how easy it is to swap it out for a custom contact table that doesn't suck. You can do this, and we can help.

Here's a current directory of our myspace contact tables and myspace contact boxes:

Misc. Contact Tables

Cute Contact Tables

Hollister Contact Tables

Abercrombie Contact Tables

Hot Contact Tables

Beach Contact Tables

Car Contact Tables


Christian Contact Tables

Emo Contact Tables

Gothic Contact Tables

Punk Contact Tables

Grunge Contact Tables

Halloween Contact Tables

Christmas Contact Tables


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