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Here's a collection of MySpace DIV layouts and DIV Overlays that we've designed. You're probably asking yourself: What's a div layout anyway? First of all, you may have heard them called a "div overlay." A myspace div layout and a myspace div overlay are two different names for the same thing. In html, DIV tags are used to create layers within a web page. By using a div overlay in your myspace profile, you can basically create a whole new layout layer on top of the basic myspace layout format. This essentially gives you a somewhat clean slate to create whatever you want. It's easier said than done, though, as you really need to know what you're doing with divs. Once you create div overlays and layers, you have to edit the div codes manually from there on out and it can be pretty easy to goof stuff up. This is basically a "use at your own risk" from here and you're on your own...

Our gallery of MySpace DIV layouts:

Ok, so there aren't any div layouts here at the moment, but that's because people without html and css experience seem to have the hardest time not screwing them up on their profile and we don't have enough time to help everyone tweak their div layout. We'll be revisiting the whole div layout and div overlay issue at a later date when we have some div how-to's and div tutorials to go along with the layouts.

If anyone has any good, user-friendly div layout codes, you can always send them our way and we may just post them on the site. E-mail codes as a .txt attachment to myspaceghetto_at_gmail.com (be sure to change the "_at_" to an "@", chucklehead. ;)


Layout Tip:

Add paragraph spacing to your 'About Me' text by using HTML paragraph tags. Use <p> at the beginning of each paragraph and </p> at the end of each paragraph.


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