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NOTE: Be sure to check out our My Space Backgrounds section to find more My Space layout options!

In this section you'll find some great free My Space layouts that we've developed. We're jam-packed with exclusive my space layouts: everything from cute girly my space layouts to cool guy my space layouts. When you find the My Space layout you want, snag the code (right-click & select 'copy' or CTRL+C) and drop it into your My Space profile (your 'About Me' section, to be specific). Easier said than done you say? Be sure to check out our My Space Tutorials section for some wise instruction and guidance on using our free my space layout code.

You might be thinking to yourself: "Why not just stick with the default My Space layout? Wouldn't that just be easier?" Shame on you. Having the same My Space layout as every other 'Joe Boring' would really just defeat the purpose of My Space, now wouldn't it? Let's just put that silly thought out of your head and get started down the road to creating the ultimate cool My Space layout site that's as unique as you and will be all the rage with your friends and neighbors. It's totally much easier than you think. Want a cool layout for My Space? A cute My Space layout? You got it.

Here's a current directory of our my space layouts:

Artistic and Cool My Space Layouts

Cute My Space Layouts

Hollister My Space Layouts

Abercrombie My Space Layouts

Beach My Space Layouts

Car My Space Layouts


Emo My Space Layouts

Gothic My Space Layouts

Punk My Space Layouts

Grunge My Space Layouts

Movie My Space Layouts


Layout Tip:

If your layout seems shifted off center or the spacing seems out of whack, check to see if you have any wider-than-normal pictures in your profile or comments. Graphics wider than about 300 pixels in your left column or 435 pixels in the right-hand/comments column can throw off the look of your profile. The solution is to resize your profile images or delete comments with big pics.


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