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Here you'll find some great free premade MySpace layouts that we've developed, as well as some MySpace premade layouts created by other layout designers/developers. We're chock full of exclusive my space layouts: everything from girly cute layouts to cool guy layouts. When you find the premade layout you want, grab the code (right-click & select 'copy' or CTRL+C) and drop it into your My Space profile (in the "About Me" section). Easier said than done you say? Be sure to check out our MySpace Tutorials section for some wise instruction and guidance on using our free premade layout code.

You might be thinking to yourself: "Why not just stick with the default premade layout?" Shame on you. Having the same premade layout as every other 'Joe Boring' would really just defeat the purpose of MySpace, now wouldn't it? Let's just put that silly thought out of your head and get started down the road to creating the ultimate cool profile layout that's as unique as you and will be all the rage with your friends and neighbors. Want a cool layout? A cute layout? You got it.

Here's a current directory of our premade myspace layouts:

Artistic and Cool MySpace Layouts

Cute Premade Layouts

Hollister Pre-made Layouts

Abercrombie Premade Layouts

Beach Premade Layouts

Car Premade Layouts


Emo Premade Layouts

Gothic Premade Layouts

Punk Premade Layouts

Grunge Premade Layouts

Movie Premade Layouts


So what is a My Space premade layout? Premade layouts are what makes your MySpace profile unique. A premade layout usually consists of a background picture / photo / "wallpaper", custom premade contact table (that's the area that has items such as Send Message, Add to Friends, Instant Message, Add to Group, Forward to Friend, Add to Favorites, Block User, and Rank User), MySpace graphics, border colors and styles, table backgrounds, transparent or non-transparent tables, and sometimes network banner graphics (that's the box at the top of your profile that normally reads "What's-his-face is in your extended network"). You don't have to customize all of these for a great layout; you can start with something simple and premade, and go from there. It's easy to start with one of our free premade layouts and customize it further.

There's really no limit as to what you do with your premade layout, as long as you don't block any of MySpace's ads. Advanced users have created special premade DIV layouts, which can make your layout / profile look entirely different from the default layout. A word of caution though, premade DIV layouts can be very complex and easy to goof up the CSS layout code. It's best to stick with what you know as far as premade layouts and code go. If you don't have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS code, you're probably better off using one of our premade layouts and don't muck with it. Or you can "mix and match" a layout premade background with a different one of our premade contact tables for a custom look. If you ever need help setting up your premade layout, join our pimp layout club (use the form on the upper left) and then send us an e-mail. We will do our best to give you some MySpace layout help. Enjoy!

Here's a sampling of some of the my space premade layouts available and in development:

  • Cute Pre-made Layouts
  • Girly Premade Layouts
  • Cool Premade Layouts
  • Guy Pre-made Layouts
  • Sports Premade Layouts
  • Emo Premade Layouts
  • Anime Pre-made Layouts


  • Free Premade Layouts
  • Pre-made Layout Code
  • DIV Premade layouts
  • MySpace Background Layouts

               ...and tons more in the works


Layout Tip:

To install a new MySpace layout, simply copy the code from the layout you want and paste it into your 'About Me' section. Click 'Save All Changes' and then 'View My Profile' on the upper right to see what your new layout looks like. If you're totally new to MySpace, you edit your profile by logging into MySpace and click 'Edit Profile' at the top by your picture. Paste your layout code after any of your text in the 'About Me' section. You can also paste layout code into your 'Who I'd Like to Meet' section.


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