MySpace Tutorials: The Beginner's Guide to Profile Pimpin

So you're new to MySpace and are probably feeling totally lost. Let's face it, once you're signed up, it's not real obvious as to what to do next. So you go about filling in all your profile fields so that the world can find out all about you and your strange love of Brittany Spears. Great! Problem is, your default MySpace profile screams "NOOB!" You simply MUST fix that situation post haste before anyone spots you in your sad state of noobiness. But how?


Step One: Kill Your Default MySpace Layout

Grab one of our Free Premade MySpace Layouts, quick. Doesn't matter if it's all pink and frilly or totally goth-errific—just find something. You can always change it, tweak it, and pimp it later.


Step Two: Installing a Pre-Made MySpace Layout

Once you've found a MySpace layout you like, copy the MySpace code from the box and paste it at the very bottom of your "About Me" section. Not sure how to do this? Follow these steps:

1.  Copy the layout code from the box (click in the code box and all of the code will be selected automatically, then hit CTRL+C or right-click and select Copy to copy the code):

2.  Log into MySpace
3.  Click "Edit Profile" up by your beautiful MySpace photo:

4.  Paste your new MySpace layout code at the very bottom of your About Me section, below any text you've typed in (CTRL+V or right-click and select Paste):

5.   Click "Save All Changes":

(Note: You can try using the Preview buttons, but they're pretty useless when it comes to layout changes. You're better off saving and then clicking the "View My Profile" link on the upper right of your Profile Edit screen.)
6.  Click the "View My Profile" link on the upper right of your Profile Edit screen to view your beautiful new layout:

7.  You're done!


Step Three: Adding Photos and MySpace Graphics

This is usually one of the first things MySpace users ask about. It's really pretty simple. Upload your photo, picture, or graphic to one of the free image hosting services. (There are quite a few of these out there, just Google "image hosting" and find one you like.) Once you upload, you should be given a URL or code to use. Paste this code wherever you want it in your MySpace Profile. The myspace code syntax will look something like:

<img src="">

For example,

is created with the following code:
<img src="" width="100" height="36">

Note: In this example, width= and height= are included. You can use these to alter the display size of any image.


Step Four: Tweaking Your MySpace Layout

Now that you've seen how it works to paste in some code to change things up a bit, you'll want to visit our MySpace Codes section to try out some code tweaks.



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